Elite sports insight

Insight Analysis is a company founded in 2005 to deliver Performance Analysis solutions to elite sport organisations, teams and individuals. The company was born out of a passion for sport and a thirst to better understand why athletes and teams are successful by analysing objective data.

We fundamentally believe that objective data and video should be utilised to help underpin decision making, at multiple levels, within elite sport. Every sporting environment and coaching philosophy is different and the solutions we deliver for our clients reflects this.

A one size fits all approach suits no one well so we develop technology solutions that are customisable to lead the market in the appropriate industry sector. Where problems are common across sectors, we use our shared experience to provide solutions that benefit from common design and features. We scour the performance landscape to find the right tools to answer performance questions and provide insight, and ensure our solutions have the capability to work with them flexibly.

We have developed several world-leading platforms for PADM in multiple sports, and provided related technology, analysis and delivery services to support them; we have already experienced many of the challenges and developed core components that underpin our platform, which can be switched in and out, as more innovative solutions are identified, or we update our core components.

We deliver solutions to over twenty elite sports teams and organisations across three main pillars of Performance Analysis

  • Data collection
  • Data analysis/science
  • Data visualisation

Whatever the solution being delivered, we believe a key part of our role is to connect the key stakeholders to data in ways, that enhance their work flows within the challenges of their environment. To understand these challenges, we invest a huge amount of time, energy and knowhow in building strong relationships with our clients, to ensure we can empathise with what they are trying to achieve and the constraints they deal with daily.

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